Are you ready for the Big Data era in Quality?

It has been a long time since data started to be pointed out as an important matter for the business. For example, we can mention the quote: “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” from the Quality guru W. Edwards Deming. Additionally, the important book ”Factfulness” by Hans Rosling where he showed that without looking at the data to get information almost all of the people from different countries and backgrounds performed worse than “chimps” in some questions about world facts. In other words these two examples have just emphasized the importance of removing bias.

In current times a huge quantity of companies are realizing more and more that the data is everywhere, and they can benefit from using it to take decisions based on facts which makes a great contribution towards hitting targets. Recently researchers have shown that in the future companies will struggle to find talented people who work in this area due to shortage of well-trained professionals. In fact the tremendous generation of data is changing the strategy of companies doing business in a variety of sectors like, manufacturing and operations, marketing, finance and control, logistics, IT, human resources and of course Quality – one of the pioneering areas to detect this importance.

Qing’s slogan is ”optimizing quality” and we have always been looking for the best for our customers in order to deliver amazing solutions. Now, in the Big Data era it is not any different, we are helping out our customers in new solutions to have an interactive dashboard. The dashboards are an extraordinary way to show, consolidate and interact all of the data of the company or in a specific area. It can be set as required and help a lot to take quick and fact-based decisions. Interested? Curious? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to hear from you.

Are your products ready for all markets?

Many products must conform to regional rules and directives to be allowed on the market. Qing have a vast knowledge and experience in these requirements. We can guide your company to fulfill the requirements for CE-mark (Europe) or the equivalent for any other market.